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Emilys Wedding Quilt


Emily's Wedding Quilt

Emily’s Wedding Quilt

After 3 years, I have finally finished this quit.  The pattern was found in an issue or Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting Magazine. I have lost the magazine, so I can’t post the issue of volume number. The name of the pattern is “Emily’s Wedding Quilt” and I think it can be purchased from the Keepsake Quilting website.

The pattern gives the illusion of curves, but is really only squares and triangles. Fairly simple. My blocks ended up being just under 9″.  After washing and drying the finished quilt, the blocks measure around 8 1/2″.
My Quilt

Materials Used:

  • Bella Solids in Snow for the background
  • Enchanted Forest Batik Collection
  • Warm & Natural 100% Cotton Batting
  • Sulky 30 wt. Quilting Thread
  • Aurifil 50 wt. Thread for piecing

The picture at the right shows the block and quilting detail. There are only 2 different blocks alternated throughout the quilt.

The machine quilting pattern was taken from Lori Kennedy’s Craftsy class, Divide and Conquer. I quilted the square flower design inside every square and triangle within the body of the quilt. The borders were quilted with a combination of loops, meandering and feathers.
It is my first bed sized quilt and I learned a lot through the process.

I am most pleased with the colors of the fabric. Bella Solids in Snow was perfect for the background. It’s more cream than white and blends in well with the jewel tones of the batiks.

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