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Western Storms

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Hiking 2014

Hiking Log 2014 Business and holidays have kept my blog posts from happening. This year, the only resolution that I want to make is to keep up the blog with pictures of the grands and posts about each hike. I will be adding a few posts with pictures from the holidays to catch up but right now, I want to …

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Mt. LeConte, TN

Smokies Open for Visitors

My ankle has improved so much, that we decided to put it to the test by day hiking Alum Cave Trail all the way to LeConte Lodge and back. The total distance hiked was 11 miles. Total elevation gain is approximately 2560′. It gets a little steep in places. I would rate this trail moderate to strenuous. We thoroughly enjoyed …

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Honey Crisp Apples

Honey Crisp Time

in Hendersonville, as every summer begins to wind down, the locals make a mad dash to Granddad’s Apple Orchard to get a bushel or two of Honey Crisp apples. If we don’t get them before the local Apple Festival over the Labor Day weekend, they are usually all gone. This year, we have had a lot of rain and the …

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It was a beautiful day so I ran up to Chimney Rock for a hike.I walked the Four Seasons Trail up to the parking lot. There were some surprising signs of spring! The signature 3 leaf trillium had sprouted. It should start to bloom by the first of next week. I made a mental note to go back Monday to …

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WHAT ?!*#$%

Delta flies their large planes out of the “S” concourse at the Seattle airport. These flights are mostly international flights to and from the Pacific rim. As a result, there are many travelers whose cell phones don’t work internationally. So, the concourse has a bank of pay phones for their convenience. Pay phones are such a relic.  They look out …

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Christmas with Daddy

February Trip

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February 3, 2013

The weather was a little “iffy” today. The parkway has been closed due to snow and ice for weeks now, but we thought we would drive up to the gate at Wagon Road Gap and see if we could walk over the MTS and walk the ridgeline. We got to the parkinglot and it was cold and windy. The windchill …

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Four Seasons Trail


Took a pleasant little walk in the woods today. Chimney Rock Park’s Four Seasons Trail is short, moderate and close to home. As you may see in the picture of the steps below, the little squirrels were hard at work with their nuts. They left nut shells all over the staircases on the trail. Busy little fellers! This little trail …

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January 26 – Gatlinburg

It was time for our yearly anniversary trip to Gatlinburg. The drive to Gatlinburg on Friday was difficult. It was 27 degrees when we left our house with freezing rain. It drizzled freezing rain the entire way. Thankfully, Interstate 40 had been pre-treated so the icy spots were minimal. We had good light all the way there. Saturday is always …

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