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Coon Tree Trail

Hike: Coon Tree Mountain Trail

Today was a very short hike up the right fork of the Coon Tree Trail.  We only hiked to the ridge junction and turned around and hiked down.  Nice day in low 40’s.  The trail was muddy and there were a lot of trees down after the wind and ice storms last month. We passed several women on the trail. …

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Crested Dwarf Iris

April 26, 2013

Since Phil had taken the day off, it was nice to hike a trail that was basically deserted on a weekday. We passed only one lady hiking alone. She stopped and talked and was excited over seeing the trillium in bloom. It is so short lived and really a treat to catch it blooming. Most hikers are friendly and excited …

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Life is short, smile while you still have teeth.