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LeConte 2017  Hawksbill

November 9, 2017

Trail:  Alum Cave Trip # 27 – November 9 – 22, 2017 Trail: Alum Cave Trail Hiking Time Going Up: 3 hours 7 minutes Hiking Time Coming Down: 2 hours 15 minutes This year we decided to hike up and down Alum Cave Trail. Due to trail closures, we haven’t gotten to hike this trail many times in the past …

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Mt. LeConte 2016

November 12, 2016

This year, it was just me and Phil. We left Thursday morning around 8:45 and drove through Maggie Valley, cut the corner on the parkway to the Oconoluftee Ranger Station going into the GSMNP. Wildfires were burning all around, but most of the s moke stayed below and south of us. You can see the smoke from the Newfound Gap …

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Mt. LeConte TN

November 12, 2015

Trip #24, November 12-14, 2015  

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Mt. Leconte

August 29, 2015

DAYHIKE: Trip #23 Trails Forever Program … at work on Alum Cave Trail. After a year of work on Alum Cave, Trails Forever finally finished the majority of their work on the trail.  They did a great job and it was a lot of back breaking work. Arch Rock was opened up a bit and they made more headroom going …

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2014 Nov Trip Pic Official

November 13, 2014

It was time for our official 2014 trek up Mt. LeConte. Phil’s brother-in-law was our guest this year. We chose to hike Alum Cave Trail. It was reportedly in the best shape and we hoped that it had minimal icy spots. It was interesting that on Thursday night, we were served Salmon Casserole for our meal. That has never been …

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2014 Halloween LeConte02

Howling Halloween

Click on pictures to zoom. Our hike to the lodge at Mt. LeConte TN was one for the record books and will go down in Mt. LeConte Lore to be talked about for years to come. Phil and I have a standing yearly reservation for the Thursday and Friday nights the week of Veterans day in November. However, this was …

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2014 Halloween LeConte01

October 13, 2013

DAYHIKE: Alum Cave We day hiked Alum Cave Trail just a few days after the government shutdown had ended. It was great to see so many people on the trail.

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Leconte 2012

November 12, 2012

The annual trip to Mt. LeConte is logged into memory! Our guests this year included Bo and Kim! It was Kim’s first trip up the mountain and to the Smokies! This trip was full of “firsts!” We hiked up on Trillium. We ran into snow about 2.5 miles in. The higher we got, the deeper the snow. The snow was …

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Hiking with Friends

November 8, 2010

Trail: Trillium It was my first time to hike Trillium.  It’s a big closed in so the views are as great, but the creeks are pretty and the trail is nice. A juvenile bear made his presence known and had become quite a nuisance.  The staff set a trap for him and we heard the trap trip during breakfast.  Then, …

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The Crew

November 9, 2009

LeConte Trail: Alum Cave Trail Our guests were my brother and two of his sons. The weather was crisp and sunny. The two youngsters enjoyed the dining hall the best, I think.  They drank buckets of hot chocolate!

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LeConte 2008 16

November 14, 2008

Mt. LeConte Via Alum Cave Phil’s brother in law, Dale hiked in with us this year.  We hiked up Alum Cave trail.   The weather was cool and foggy. We enjoyed a lot of lodge time and hot chocolate.

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LeConte 2007 7

November 11, 2007

Mt. LeConte Via Alum Cave LeConte Trip with friends that had never been there! The weather was awesome. We hiked Alum Cave in and out. We also spent a lot of time with the Llamas. They are so soft but don’t care much for attention.  And … they bite!

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LeConte 2006 12

November 8, 2006

LeConte Via Rainbow Falls Trail Distance: 5.4 Miles One Way Elevation Gain: 1685 Feet Starting from Light 8 in Gatlinburg, turn onto Historic Nature Trail / Airport Road. After driving 0.7 miles veer right onto Cherokee Orchard Road, upon which you’ll enter into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. After driving another 2.2 miles you’ll enter the one-way Cherokee Orchard Loop …

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LeConte 2004 07

November 13, 2004

Mt. LeConte, Tennessee We hiked Alum Cave in and out.  My brother and his wife went with us and it was the first time we have ever taken a trip together. Phil had to sit on an inverted bucket the whole time, and he didn’t like that. I thought it was funny. Anyway.  It was totally awesome.

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Mt LeConte, Tn Family Trip

November 11, 1999

The last time our family got to go on the annual trip to Mt Leconte was November, 1999. How could this be? Time just goes by so fast. It seems like yesterday. Our boys went on to live their own lives and we’ve just never gotten a chance to get them back up the mountain. Time passages …

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