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North40 062517 Land Sluiceboxes  3

Sluice Boxes State Park

Sluice Boxes State Park is located at 38 Evans Riceville Rd., Belt, MT — Latitude/Longitude: (47.212 / -110.935). The 7.5 mile trail begins at Riceville bridge and hikes along soaring cliffs and precipitous ledges.  Remains of mines, a railroad, and historic cabins line Belt Creek as it makes its way through the canyon carved in limestone. We drove to the trail terminus at the …

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Mountain View Trail

June 24 North 40 Hike

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North 40 Sunrise

Sunrise on June 24, 2017

Well, it’s a few days past the summer solstice, but I finally remembered that I wanted a picture of the sunrise to document how far the sun swings to the north over the Castles.  It looks like the sun goes just to the right of the big knob.  

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Bridger Mountains

Good Morning from the North 40

Good morning Montana!  The temperature at 11 am is 66 degrees and it is a glorious sunny day. The wind is blowing steadily. All of the grasses are beginning to go to seed and it looks so pretty blowing in the breeze. Hopefully, today, we can open the house up. Taken from the back fence

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2016 Feb MT SkiTrip 1

February Ski Trip at the North 40

Bridger Bowl, Bozeman, MT We had an awesome time skiing with friends in Bozeman at The Bridger Bowl. It is approx. an hour drive from the North 40 so we don’t need to pay for accommodations. The ski resort is municipal, owned by the city of Bozeman. Driving up to the resort from our house is one of the prettiest …

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Mule Deer

North Forty, September 2015

Annual September trip to the North Forty. Phil managed to get enough vacation days to string together 9 days. It was Phil’s first extended visit since the house was finished last year. The 2 sofas had been delivered after my last visit out, so we had a nice comfy place to sit. It was a relief to see that they …

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2015 Beartooth Hwy 59

Beartooth Highway

September 2015  

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Beartooth Highway

Yellowstone, 2015

September, 2015  

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Nps Pillows 5

National Park Pillows

Pillows … in honor of the 99th birthday of our National Parks System. The true wealth of our nation lies in our national parks. The amount of volunteer hours it has taken to create and maintain their trail systems is phenomenal. So, to celebrate our love of that, I’ve made 4 national park pillows to take out to the North …

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June in Montana

Wildflower season in the Northern Rockies is in full bloom late May through June. This year, I got spent several weeks at our house during the peak of the flower season. I walked all over the property with my camera trying to make sure that I cataloged the species there.  A Few Notable Flowers I Found: This flowers is scattered all over the North …

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Sacajawea Peak

Sacajawea Peak Hike

Spending a week at the Grassy Mountain Cabins in White Sulphur Springs is something we have loved doing for the past 10 years. In planning our trip this year, the hike up Sacajawea Peak was on the “must do” list. We did this hike 5 or 6 years ago and have wanted to go back and do it again. I took …

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Montana House Progress

Progress – August 15

New progress pictures came in overnight.  It appears that the surrounding ground has been graded. The ground is mostly broken shale, so there will be little to no mud up close to the house. However, it does prevent any future plantings. Although we have a 360 degree view of 4 different mountain ranges, the porch corner faces the most spectacular …

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More Progress Pictures

We just received some progress pictures of the house project. Compared to the huge sky and view around the house, it looks so tiny sitting out there all alone. It was great seeing the dry wall inside. The best and most exciting picture is taken from inside showing the view out the 3 windows of “The Crazies” in the background.

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Progress Pictures

We got a few progress pictures on the Montana house today.  The windows and doors are in! Looks like the builder is getting the rock ready for the fireplace too. He sent a couple of pictures of the stone.  Looked good to me 🙂 With the house now in the dry, we should begin to see some of the cosmetic …

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IMG 1187

Progress Report

Looks like the “little box on the prairie” project is moving along nicely. The porch rafters are going in and most of the windows are hung. The firebox is in with the flew and the plumbing is on track. It should look great for Phil’s first sighting in September.

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Lil Box5

July 15 Update

We received a few pictures of the outside of our “Little Box on the Prairie.” It looks like the windows are inside the main room. The guy that took the pictures took them at a low resolution, so they are a bit small. Every little addition brings new excitement!  Looks like the porch roof is going on.  When that is …

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June MT Trip

It was time to make more choices for the Montana House.  Phil was busy with work, so I had to fly out alone and meet with our builder and 2 interior designers. The 2 designers had spent many hours ahead of time narrowing down the choices so we would be sure to stay within the budget and still have top …

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Midprongwilderness Breaktime1

Musings …

I’ve pondered where our sons are and how their lives have played out.  Other parents would lament that they are too far away. I don’t. They have been the captains of their own ship and laid out their lives that it best for THEIR family. I think that they did that part a lot better than Phil and I did at that …

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Framing 11

We Have Water

We got a call from the builder Sunday. Apparently, the well drillers had spent a few days drilling for water at the spot that Mr. Bandy (Dowser) had indicated that we would find water. The drillers drilled 400 feet and only found 2 gal/minute. That flow isn’t enough. The builder made the call to go another 100 feet. At 500 …

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Framing 7

Framing Continues

The framing has been a few days delayed due to rain in the area. Looks like next week will be dry, thankfully. More news on the progress of the well coming soon.  Looks like Mr. Bandy might have been right on spot about the depth. But, I’ll post more on this at a later date.

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Crawlspace Update

Construction continues…

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I am such a hypocrite. LOL!!! As much as I hate Facebook, it is great to see progress postings pop up on the Montana project. The foundation is in and Richard has brought the dirt back up around the footprint.  If we were building here in the southeast, the foundation hole would remain until the house is nearly done. There is …

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Mem Day Unionjack

Memorial Day at White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs, Montana is a small town with a  population of approximately 960 people as of 2012. The town’s well tended cemetery is located just a block from Main Street. We were in town over the Memorial Day weekend and were humbled by what we saw there. Several hundred flag topped crosses lined the entrance and the outside of …

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Phil Sign 600x450

And So … It Begins

Over 10 years ago, our family decided that we wanted to build on our dream of a small home in the Montana Rocky Mountains. It has taken years, but finally we broke ground on our house yesterday, Phil’s 59th birthday. We kept our start date a secret from our sons until the shovels began to dig. We met with the …

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Witching Well 1


Phil and I had the pleasure to meet Vernon Bandy, a gifted dowser that has gained national acclaim with his skills. It was such a pleasure just to meet him and spend time watching him at work. Mr. Bandy says that he was born with this “gift” and that he believes it is a “God given ability” that can be …

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