Construction Pictures

These portfolios chronicle our Montana house construction process for the benefit of our sons who live out of state. If you have stumbled upon this, welcome.

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Progress – All Done! Exterior

Finally done! It’s a small cabin, but it has been as family dream to have an escape pod in the Northern Rockies. We are so very thankful. Phil has worked so hard for so long and he deserves this more than anyone. It will be a place where Luke and Jake can take their families … Continue reading Progress – All Done! Exterior

Progress – All Done! Interior

The cabin is done!  Here’s picture of the inside. It’s hard to really get a perspective in pictures of how “big” this little cabin feels.  We are so thankful. Every choice was made for durability. We don’t want our kids or grandkids to have a lot of maintenance in the future.  If it is taken … Continue reading Progress – All Done! Interior

Progress – September 10

We are getting there!  I’m so very excited.  The porch is on.  It’s going to be so nice to sit there with our morning coffee and enjoy the view. My dream sink is in and I absolutely love it. Here’s a little progress report on the house construction.  

Montana House Progress

Progress – August 15

We are getting there.  The house is primed, but not yet painted.  It looks like a little box with the primer on it. Phil is so happy with how the porch is turning out. The porch ceiling is gorgeous.  I think he will spend many hours sitting out there enjoying the view of the Crazy … Continue reading Progress – August 15

Progress – July 31

The windows are in!   It is hard to visualize the windows when you are only looking on blueprints.  Our builder/designer did a good job in the window choices, making sure that each window showcases the view of the mountains.

Progress – July 15

Whep, our little box is dried in.  Being over 2,000 miles away while our dream cabin is being built is a lesson in “let go and let God.”  Our builder is doing a very good job of keeping us in the loop.  He sends pictures often and stays in touch will every little step.

Progress – June 30

Choices, choices, choices.  I spent a lot of time with our builder’s wife choosing tile, granite, flooring, colors, etc. She went ahead an narrowed the choices down for me and made this process so easy.  I fell in love with her immediately.   

Progress – June 20

The framing is coming along nicely. I guess this really is happening.  Awesome sauce!! 

Progress – June 16

The crawspace is complete!  I hope the house isn’t going to take away from this gorgeous view! 

Progress – Floorplan

This is the floorplan for our little getaway house. It is small, but every nook and cranny has a purpose.  The largest portion of the interior is one big room. Hopefully it will give a lot of space for entertaining.  


Progress – June 3

Wow! Foundations are a little different in the northern rockies than something built in the temperate south.  There are no vent or openings. The foundation is a solid poured concrete wall. It will be buried over 4 feet in the ground.

Progress – Witching the Well

Fall, 2012 … Our Day With Vernon Bandy What an experience! Our builder introduced us to this amazing man. Vernon Bandy is a local celebrity and has worked with Montana State University to develop tools that help him witch a well.  I think they work using magnets.  His “gift” is the ability to judge the … Continue reading Progress – Witching the Well

Progress – Choices

This portfolio is for the benefit of our 2 sons who live out of state. Kitchen Granite and Stone Backsplash The kitchen countertop granite has a lot of depth. There are veins of dark gray on cream and tans with specks of rust. The granite will coordinate nicely with the warm color of our hickory … Continue reading Progress – Choices

Construction Begins

Progress – Breaking Ground

We broke ground for the cabin on Phil’s birthday! What a great birthday present.  We were there for the preliminaries, but our flight back home was on the actual day that building commenced. We stood onsite imagining our dream and so very thankful that it was finally happening.