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Local Fairs and Festivals are a great way to get inspiration for my next project. I love seeing the things that individuals make with their hands. The use of color and texture with hand crafted techniques amazes me.

A Quilt for Zoë

This past summer, I made 2 very colorful quilts for the other 2 grandkids.  I’m trying to find the pictures I took before I can post about them. So, this quilt is for the littlest one of our family.  She has just graduated to a regular bed and loves bright colors. I chose the “Swoon” … Continue reading A Quilt for Zoë

Easter Bunnies

Pattern: bunny girl in a dotty dressby: Julie Williams Published in: Little Cotton Rabbits (on Ravalry) I fell in love with these little knitted bunnies. I knitted several of them for the little “Grands” for Easter. But, I can’t stop.  I’ll be knitting more of these as times go along with seasonal clothes as the seasons … Continue reading Easter Bunnies

Emilys Wedding Quilt


After 3 years, I have finally finished this quit.  The pattern was found in an issue or Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting Magazine. I have lost the magazine, so I can’t post the issue of volume number. The name of the pattern is “Emily’s Wedding Quilt” and I think it can be purchased from the … Continue reading FINALLY FINISHED!

National Park Pillows

National Park Pillows

Pillows … in honor of the 99th birthday of our National Parks System. The true wealth of our nation lies in our national parks. The amount of volunteer hours it has taken to create and maintain their trail systems is phenomenal. So, to celebrate our love of that, I’ve made 4 national park pillows to … Continue reading National Park Pillows

Point of View Quilt

Point of View

Quick Project with (nearly) Instant Gratification This block pattern, designed by Terri Vanden Bosch, won the 2016 Accuquilt GO! Block Design contest. It is complicated enough to be show worthy, while at the same time, small enough to complete in a couple of days.  Her fabric choices were not something I would have thought of, … Continue reading Point of View

Swoon Quilt

Swoon Quilt

Pattern: Swoon by Thimble Blossoms  By: Camille Roskelley Fabric Collection: MODA, “Over the Rainbow” Collection By: Edyta Sitar Thread:  Auril 2370 for piecing and quilting Batting: Quilter’s Dream 80/20 Dimensions: Before Quilting: 95″ x 95″ After Quilting:  92″ x 92″ After Washing and Drying on low in dryer:  85″ x 85″ So, I had a … Continue reading Swoon Quilt

Two Little Pillowcase Dresses for Summer