The past 3 weeks has been unusually warm for February and March.  I have been traveling, so this was the first day I’ve been outside in over a week. The trail at Rumbling Bald in Lake Lure, NC is under 3000′ above sea level, when flowers sprout in western North Carolina, this is where they start.

Parts of the trail where the fires had burned the underbrush were barren. There is nothing sprouting … not even weeds. The unburned forest floor is undergoing it’s yearly awakening. The sprouted flowers were all obviously only days old. The leaves were their lightest and still tender and a bit curled.


We usually see bloodroot first in the spring.  There were reports of it having sprouted in areas near Gatlinburg a few weeks ago, but this is the first I’ve seen.


Little Sweet Betsy

This is the earliest species of trillium. It is just sprouting and the blooms haven’t opened yet. There are lots of trillium leaves just breaking through the ground so there will be a lot of blooms to come.

Common Violets

Ahhh… the sweet little common violet. They are everywhere, but when I see them, I think they are meant that very spot. The little seeds get caught in crevices around rocks and on the sides of trails. They come up in clumps and you can just about track how the seeds have washed down a trail from the rain.