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"If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." --- Yogi Berra

Sandy on the Trail

Hiking in October

Pinnacle Mountain Hike – Sunday October 13

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October hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains is one of my favorite things to do. Phil has taken this week off and we have decided to spend it at home resting and doing mini-adventures close to home.

On Sunday, we drove down to Table Rock State Park and hiked up to Pinnacle Mountain. The Table Rock Trail  begins at the main parking lot beside the lake. We hiked for a mile or so and branched off on the Carrick Creek Trail that connects to the Pinnacle Mountain Trail.

It is a strenuous 4.2 mile hike to the top of Pinnacle. The last .7 miles is very steep. From the summit, we took the ridge trail 1 mile down to the Mill Creek Spur. The entire hike was 8.9 miles. The leaves were just beginning to change, but still had a few weeks before we will see full color.

Mt. Pisgah Hike – Monday, October 15

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The Mt. Pisgah Trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway is our “go to” hike when we want to get a quick workout up high. I had some business to attend to earlier in the day. When we finally got up the the parkway it was around noon. Although the “federal government” is technically closed, there were several groups on the trail and a lot of visitors on the parkway. It is good to know that we don’t need any government to give permission to use our public lands.

The color is close to it’s peak. The mountain ash berries were brilliant red, but their leaves were already gone. It was a great day.

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