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"If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." --- Yogi Berra

2016 Mar17 CRSP 1

I Counted the Steps!

So, during my workout hike at Chimney Rock State Park, I counted 1322 steps on the main trails leading from the Lower Parking Lot at the ticket booth to the very top at Exclamation Point.  This does not include a few “detours” through the “Subway”and “The Outcroppings.” 

1322 STEPS TO TOP!I had counted the stairs a few years ago, before upgrades had been made. The new staircases and the added work on Four Seasons increased the number of steps significantly.  

Breakdown of steps:

  • 226 steps – Four Seasons Trail to bottom of Staircase
  • 76 steps  – Staircase from Four Seasons Trail to Hickory Nut Falls Trail
  • 176 steps – Hickory Nut Falls Trail to Upper Parking Lot
  • 194 steps – Parking Lot to Vista Point
  • 270 steps – Vista Point to Bottom of Chimney Steps
  • 76 steps – Bottom of Chimney Steps to the Opera Box
  • 80 steps – Opera Box to Devil’s Head
  • 224 steps – Devil’s Head to Exclamation Point at the top

The Wildflowers are Waking Up!

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