National Parks, Forests and Scenic By-ways

Our National Parks are our greatest natural resource. ¬†Our goal is to visit as many as possible in our lifetime. Remember that the parks weren’t only created for our enjoyment, but for the preservation of the land and wildlife.

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Cold Mountain

Happy Birthday National Park System!

Today is the 99th birthday of our National Park System! Isn’t that just awesome? Thank you, Teddy Roosevelt, for your foresight in protecting our nation’s most beautiful and sensitive landscapes. Although, I take issue with the fact that the progressive death tax was his idea, and that he over-agressively pursued anti-trust laws bringing about the … Continue reading Happy Birthday National Park System!

National Park Pillows

National Park Pillows

Pillows … in honor of the 99th birthday of our National Parks System. The true wealth of our nation lies in our national parks. The amount of volunteer hours it has taken to create and maintain their trail systems is phenomenal. So, to celebrate our love of that, I’ve made 4 national park pillows to … Continue reading National Park Pillows