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Hiking Log

My yearly Hiking Goal is 450 miles! Most of my hikes are in and near western North Carolina with a few iconic hikes while traveling. Follow my progress.

Hickory Nut Falls

Hickory Nut Gorge

Over the past few days, we have gotten a lot of rain in Western NC. We thought we would drive down to Chimney Rock to check the condition of the river. The creek beside Hwy 64 going down to the gorge had a lot of water and was running really fast. The Rocky Broad River running through the gorge was …

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Finch Babies

New Life on our Porch

After only a few days of putting the Boston Ferns on the front porch, 2 families of finches moved in. In one fern, resides 5 small eggs soon to hatch. In the fern on the side of the porch, 4 new finches are huddled together trying to keep warm. Phil checks on them several times a day to make sure …

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Cat Gap Loop

Since Phil is taking Friday’s off for the month of May, we had hoped to get in as much hiking as possible. This weekend, the weather just didn’t cooperate. We hiked Cat Gap loop and chose to cut across via the bypass without climbing all the way to the gap. It was a bit damp and cool. A light drizzle …

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Crested Dwarf Iris

April 26, 2013

Since Phil had taken the day off, it was nice to hike a trail that was basically deserted on a weekday. We passed only one lady hiking alone. She stopped and talked and was excited over seeing the trillium in bloom. It is so short lived and really a treat to catch it blooming. Most hikers are friendly and excited …

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Sunset in the Valley

Getaway Weekend April 19-21

Once or twice a year, Phil and I run away to the Pisgah Inn for the weekend. From the porches at the Inn, we can almost see our house! LOL!!!  Does it still count as a getaway trip? It does in our book. We drove up on Friday evening after work, checked into our room and had dinner at the …

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Maxwell Creek

Pressley Cove and Maxwell Cove, April 14

Sunday, Pressley Cove and Maxwell Creek Cove Last week’s hike around the Avery Creek Drainage left us curious about the forest road toward Maxwell Creek Cove. For this hike, we began at the trailhead for Pressley Cove where we ended our hike last week. About 25 minutes into the hike, we turned left on a foot path. Approximately 200 feet …

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Rewards for Hard Work

I recently had another woman ask if my husband was forcing me to hike a particularly hard trail in the ice. I wasn’t prepared with a correct answer at the time, because it never occurred to me to turn back when I am struggling to finish a hike. The goal was set and I had to make it … whatever …

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Four Seasons Trail

Hikes, April 8-13, 2013

After taking Sunday off, I didn’t want to completely seize up. I ran over to Chimney Rock and did a quick up and down. This time, I counted the steps. I only counted an official step. Not all steps up were official steps. My feet were hurting after Saturday’s 10 mile hike, but after the first half mile, everything went …

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Looking Glass Mountain

Hikes April 1-7

The hiking routine ramped up this week. It feels good to get back into the swing of things after a very busy, but “hike-less” first quarter. The Blue Ridge Parkway was closed most of the winter, so our infrequent hikes were closer to home with lower mileage and less elevation gain. Finally! The Parkway opened and I was able to …

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Chimney Forgotton

April 1, 2013

The Avery Creek area near Brevard is an area that both Phil and I have driven by our entire lives but never stopped to investigate. We turned right off Hwy 276 just past the rangers station on our way out of Brevard. The dirt road through this low valley has several roadside camping sites, horse stables and trailheads. We parked …

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