Flat Laurel Creek Loop Hike

Total Distance: 5.3 Miles RT Total Elevation Gain: 679 ft. Highest Point: 5935 ft. We parked at the Black Balsam Trailhead parking lot and walked down the road to the Sam Knob Trail to start the loop.  Mountain DoghobbleWitch Hobble

Flat Laurel Creek Loop

Total Distance: 5.3 Miles RT Total Elevation Gain: 679 ft. Highest Point: 5935 ft. We parked at the Black Balsam Trailhead parking lot and walked down the road to the Sam Knob Trail to start the loop. Mountain DoghobbleWitch Hobble

Elk Pasture Gap

We caught the timing right to see the bluets! Their seeds wash into rock crevices and the sides of the trail where they are caught by brush and plants.  They are one of my very favorite wildflowers. Their blooms are no larger than a dime and look like little blue stars.

Easter Bunnies

Pattern: bunny girl in a dotty dressby: Julie Williams Published in: Little Cotton Rabbits (on Ravalry) I fell in love with these little knitted bunnies. I knitted several of them for the little "Grands" for Easter. But, I can't stop.  I'll be knitting more of these as times go along with seasonal clothes as the seasons … Continue reading Easter Bunnies

Spring at Biltmore

Spring at Biltmore is a flower fanatic's dreamworld. The gardens are brimming with daffodils, hyacinth, forsythia, tulips and periwinkle, just to name a few. Today, the tulips were up, but they had not quite bloomed out. Maybe next week, I can go back and take tulip pictures. The current exhibit in the mansion and on … Continue reading Spring at Biltmore


I guess I'm trying to make up for sitting on my butt all winter, but over the past 8 days, I have hiked 22 miles!  That is 22 MOUNTAIN miles, folks.  My legs feel like noodles.  Going straight up steps or up steep grades isn't easy and I realize just how much fitness I have … Continue reading Redbuds

Avery Creek Loop

Pressley Cove Trail

Pressley Cove Trail is accessed from Avery Creek Road (Forest Service Road #477). Beginning at 2325 ft. of elevation, the trail climbs steeply for 1.1 miles ( 968 ft. elevation gain) to Forest Service Rd #5022. Turn right onto the road and walk for .2 miles to Pressley Gap, elevation 3328 ft. Avery Creek Loop

Chimney Rock

Getting Back in the Swing of Things The beautiful, spring-like weather was very welcome after a busy, rainy winter. We haven't had good weather on our off days that have allowed us to keep up our hiking routine. The BRP is still closed for the winter, but Chimney Rock is close to home and open. My … Continue reading Chimney Rock

The Thomas Divide

The Thomas Divide trailhead is near the NC/TN border on the Smoky Mountains Parkway. It is a gentle trail that runs the ridge from the parkway out to Kanati Fork Junction. The elevation change is gradual and the hike is relatively short. This is a great little hike for small children and newbies.



Godspeed /ˈɡɒdˈspiːd/ interjection, noun 1. an expression of one's good wishes for a person's success and safety Word Origin  C15: from God spede may God prosper (you) This word is most, or only appropriate to say to a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine as they start their military journey.  I have used it more in … Continue reading Godspeed


Great hike up Sacajawea Peak. The weather was warm and extremely windy at the top. We were seriously in danger of being blown off the mountain. It was still scary the last 1/4 mile up the spire. Bridger Mtns

Charlies Bunion

August, 2015 We parked at Newfound Gap and walked the Appalachian Trail to the Jump Off Rock junction where we turned right. The trail out to the rock is short and runs thru the forest.  It is a favorite for day hikers in the Smokys. View of Charlie's Bunion


June in Montana

Wildflower season in the Northern Rockies is in full bloom late May through June. This year, I got spent several weeks at our house during the peak of the flower season. I walked all over the property with my camera trying to make sure that I cataloged the species there. A Few Notable Flowers I Found: ARROWLEAF BALSAMROOT This … Continue reading June in Montana

Elk Pasture Gap

It was another beautiful day on the ridge. The sun dappled thru the trees and it got a little warm. The ferns were so large, they looked like they belonged in a Jurassic Park movie.

NC Wildflowers

Spring has sprung here in the mountains and I'm scrambling to get out and photograph as many flowers as possible before they are gone.  So many of the spring flowers bloom only for a few short days! So, here are a few of the flowers I saw today. Bluets Common Blue Violet Star Chickweed Barren … Continue reading NC Wildflowers