Freedom Trail

During a recent babysitting trip to Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to walk "The Freedom Trail." This walk is 2.5 miles long beginning at Boston Commons and ending at Bunker Hill. It is the Cradle of Liberty ... the birthplace of American Independence. It was awesome. Although the history of the United States is relatively … Continue reading Freedom Trail

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock

I bought a new camera. Tired of the limitations of the iPhone and point-and-shoot cameras, Phil thought it was time to get a Nikon D3200 digital SLR with a couple of lenses. We go to so many beautiful places and now we can get higher quality photos. Today was such a glorious day! I had errands … Continue reading Chimney Rock

Big Creek Trail

Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway by the Little Pisgah Ridge Tunnel to access Big Creek Trail, beginning elevation 4720′. The trail descends 2 1/2 miles down to Big Creek, elevation 2976′. The trail is wooded drops down the spine of the ridge with a lot of mountain laurel at the top and hardwoods at the … Continue reading Big Creek Trail

Luke’s Losers …

Regarding an opinion piece published in Yahoo Finance, "Why Elizabeth Warren Is A Threat to America’s Growth," Luke had some interesting comments. He said ... Like Mark Sanford in South Carolina, she is generally despised here, but is somehow able to maintain a constituency.  I like to believe that politicians are making progress toward a … Continue reading Luke’s Losers …

Chimney Rock

This winter, the park has a lot of work going on. New construction will bring the re-opening of two long closed trails. It is great to see money being spent at the park. I couldn't get to Exclamation Point because there is still some serious ice up there. I made it as far as the … Continue reading Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock

This winter, the park has a lot of work going on. New construction will bring the re-opening of two long closed trails. It is great to see money being spent at the park. Here are a few pictures of some the working being done.  

Green Knob

We spent Martin Luther King, Jr. Day up on the parkway near Wagon Road Gap on the Green Knob section of the Mountains to the Sea Trail. It was a bluebird day and the temps warmed to the mid 50's during our hike. The parkway was closed, so we parked at the parking lot at … Continue reading Green Knob

Buckhorn Gap

New trails seem to be "trending" early in this new year. One trail we had not tried yet was in The Avery Creek area that is a great place to hike during the winter months when the parkway is closed. Distance: 3.0 miles to Buckhorn Gap Shelter (6 miles RT) Elevation Gain: 1100 feet Difficulty:  Moderate … Continue reading Buckhorn Gap

Twin Falls

Twin Falls is located off a .6 mile spur trail from the main Buckhorn Gap Trail. The falls descend from a horseshoe shaped valley. The first water fall you come to on the left is not one of the "twins." It is pretty, though. Phil took these pictures of the falls. It is well worth … Continue reading Twin Falls

Elk Pasture Gap

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! Today, I ran up on some really fresh bear scat. It was actually fairly large.  This trail is fairly heavily traveled, so bears don't usually hang around. I never heard him so I guess he was long gone.  So, I kept on going without letting it bother me.

Mt. Cammerer

Mt. Cammerer is also known as Sharp Top or White Top. The Appalachian Trail traverses it's south slope and is part of the Smoky Mountain National Park system. Elevation 4928'. We began our trek up Mt. Cammerer at the Cosby, TN Campground in the Hiker's Parking Lot (else you will get a ticket). This adds about 1/2 mile … Continue reading Mt. Cammerer

Cedar Rock

Park in the Hatchery Parking Lot and begin the Cat Gap Loop trail hiking counter clockwise. You will walk past Picklesimer Fields. Continue on this trail bearing right toward Cat Gap at the intersection of the shortcut cut-off trail.  When you get to Cat Gap, turn sharply to the right on the Art Loeb. In about … Continue reading Cedar Rock

We Have Water

We got a call from the builder Sunday. Apparently, the well drillers had spent a few days drilling for water at the spot that Mr. Bandy (Dowser) had indicated that we would find water. The drillers drilled 400 feet and only found 2 gal/minute. That flow isn't enough. The builder made the call to go … Continue reading We Have Water