Pisgah Inn Retreat

Once again, we took a few days and ran away to one of our favorite hide outs, Pisgah Inn. Going to the inn for a few days is a great retreat from the usual busy-ness of our life. We eat all of our meals in the Inn’s restaurant. Their daily specials are exquisite with a mix of surprising flavors. On our first night, I ordered pork chops with cranberry-chipotle sauce. It was an interesting mix of flavors that I will try at home. Yum!

We still enjoyed a day and a half of porch sitting and a hike on the Shut-In Trail before the rain arrived.

I took some pictures of the chandeliers in the restaurant. These chandeliers have been hanging there for decades. The copper rhododendron leaves that surround each light were crafted by a local artist. Matching candleholders used to sit on every table, but were removed about a decade ago. I like seeing that the chandeliers are still there. Some things just don’t need to be updated.