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Bottle Gentian

Bottle Gentian

Gentiana andrewsii (bottle gentianclosed gentian, or closed bottle gentian) is a herbaceous species of flowering plant in the Gentian family Gentianaceae.

Plants are native to northeastern North America from the Dakotas to the East Coast and bloom in late summer (August–October). The flowers are 2 to 4 cm long, typically a rich blue color and bottle shaped with closed mouths. The flowers are clustered at the top of the plant or in the axis of the top leaves. The stems are 30 to 60 cm long, lax in habit, producing sprawling plants with upturned ends ending with clusters of bee pollinated flowers. The foliage is hairless with a glossy sheen to it. Plants are fed upon by ground hogs and scale insects. This species can hybridize with Gentiana alba, producing upright growing plants with white flowers with blue edges. This gentian is considered a threatened species in the USA states of New York and Maryland.Wikipedia 

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