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"If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." --- Yogi Berra

2015 06 Redbuds 1


I guess I’m trying to make up for sitting on my butt all winter, but over the past 8 days, I have hiked 22 miles!  That is 22 MOUNTAIN miles, folks.  My legs feel like noodles.  Going straight up steps or up steep grades isn’t easy and I realize just how much fitness I have lost since last November. I know all of this.  Why do I let it happen year after year?

What is the deal with our winters? I understand that rain and 33 degrees is the worst hiking weather … and that the parkway is closed for the winter. I understand that family obligations ramp up, but I don’t understand why I let life control me rather than the other way around.  I promise that next winter will be different.

Having said that … I’ve thrown myself back into the hiking groove. So, I’m proud of my last 22 miles.  (My feet hurt.)  Chimney Rock is so close, that is what I choose when I need something quick. So, today, that is where I hiked.  It was extremely crowded. I was rewarded, however, with the blooming Eastern Redbud. They are so delicately pretty and they don’t stink like some flowering trees. 

Here are the pictures. I hope you can see the detail of the pretty little flowers.


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