Buckhorn Gap

New trails seem to be “trending” early in this new year. One trail we had not tried yet was in The Avery Creek area that is a great place to hike during the winter months when the parkway is closed.

  • Distance: 3.0 miles to Buckhorn Gap Shelter (6 miles RT)
  • Elevation Gain: 1100 feet
  • Difficulty:  Moderate

The Buckhorn Gap Trail is further down Avery Creek Road than we usually go. It is a heavily traveled 3 mile trail to the shelter sharing a large portion of the trail with trail bikes and horses. It might be crowded in the summer months. We have read that it is also a great wildflower hike in warmer weather.

We hiked up the trail and took a .6 mile detour out to Twin Falls where there are actually 3 waterfalls falling into a sheltered valley. This is a great place for a summer picnic. We stopped and took pictures and talked with other hikers that were on their way to spend the night at the shelter. They seemed like a great group of young professionals and seemed to be excited about their trip. Of course, I thought to myself, “Wow! They came a long way to see this and it is virtually in our own backyard.” I never take that for granted. We are fortunate and I appreciate every minute spent in the woods hiking with my best friend.