Trail Information

Art Loeb Trail – Black Balsam & Tenant Mtn

Our usual plan of attack for this hike is to park in the Ivestor Gap Parking Lot and walk the old roadbed to Ivestor Gap. Next, we hike over the top of Tenant Mountain and then onto Black Balsam and back to the road. There is a 1/4 mile walk down the road back to … Continue reading Art Loeb Trail – Black Balsam & Tenant Mtn

Art Loeb: Graveyard Ridge Loop

This section of the Art Loeb Trail begins on the right of F.R. 816 at the Black Balsam parking area 0.8 mile north of the Blue Ridge Parkway. For the first 10 yards, the Mountains to the Sea Trail shares the same trail before it descends to the right. Staying on the Art Loeb, we … Continue reading Art Loeb: Graveyard Ridge Loop

Indian Gap

AT: Newfound Gap to Indian Gap

The Appalachian Trail crosses the Smoky Mountain Parkway at Newfound Gap. Leaving the gap and hiking north on the AT takes you to the junction of the Boulevard Trail up Mt. LeConte to the lodge. Phil and I have taken this trail more times than I can count. This day, we decided to take a … Continue reading AT: Newfound Gap to Indian Gap

Avery Creek Loop

Avery Creek Loop

Pressley Cove : 1.1 FR #5098: .2 Black Mountain: 5.1 Buckwheat Knob:  1.5 Bennett Gap: 2.9 This is a VERY HARD hike.  What makes it hard is the elevation gain … going down hill … and having to re-climb the same 500 feet … over and over. In my opinion, it is easier to hike counter-clockwise. … Continue reading Avery Creek Loop

Bearwallow Mtn. Trail

Bearwallow Mtn.

Location The trailhead is at Bearwallow Gap, located at the crest of Bearwallow Mountain Road where the road surface turns from gravel to pavement. Park on the graveled area on the shoulder of the road. Directions from Downtown Asheville Take I-240 to US-74 Alt East toward Bat Cave. Stay on US-74 Alt for about 12.5 … Continue reading Bearwallow Mtn.

Big Creek Trail @ Little Pisgah Ridge

Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway by the Little Pisgah Ridge Tunnel to access Big Creek Trail, beginning elevation 4720′. The trail descends 2 1/2 miles down to Big Creek, elevation 2976′. The trail is wooded drops down the spine of the ridge with a lot of mountain laurel at the top and hardwoods at the … Continue reading Big Creek Trail @ Little Pisgah Ridge

Black Mountain Trail

Black Mountain Trail

The trailhead is located at a small parking lot next to the Pisgah Forest Ranger Station on US 276, 1.4 miles north of the junction with Hwy 280. Begin walking on the gravel road beside the fence past the sign for the trailhead for 0.2 miles where Black Mountain Trail leaves the road and forks … Continue reading Black Mountain Trail

Blue Ridge Parkway: Wagon Rd Gap to Pisgah Inn

In the winter, the park service doesn’t spend the money to plow the snow and melt ice on the Blue Ridge Parkway. They close the gates to all automobile traffic. We access the parkway off Highway 276 15 miles north of Brevard at Wagon Road Gap and park at the parking lot at the top … Continue reading Blue Ridge Parkway: Wagon Rd Gap to Pisgah Inn

Buckhorn Gap

Trail Information Buckhorn Gap Trailhead lies just 2.6 miles off Hwy 276 on Avery Creek Rd. The road is narrow and there is only room for 4 or 5 cars to park. The trail descends about 50 or 60 feet in elevation and follows a contour line just above the creek and is open to … Continue reading Buckhorn Gap

Pisgah Inn Hitching Post

Bucks Spring Trail

This trail travels from the back of the Pisgah Inn down to Hw6 276 just above the pink beds (1.5 miles from the Cradle of Forestry). The entire trail is listed as 6.2 miles one way. We have never done the entire trail. However, it is a very nice walk before or after dinner at … Continue reading Bucks Spring Trail

Cedar Rock

Cat Gap Loop

This is actually an easy and quick way to get over 1 thousand feet of vertical. The trailhead begins at the fish hatchery near Brevard, NC. Many campsites are virtually within a few feet of the trail and some are very close to the trailhead along the Davison River. The hike can be clockwise or … Continue reading Cat Gap Loop

Cedar Rock Summit

Park in the Hatchery Parking Lot and begin the Cat Gap Loop trail hiking counter clockwise. You will walk past Picklesimer Fields. Continue on this trail bearing right toward Cat Gap at the intersection of the shortcut cut-off trail.  When you get to Cat Gap, turn sharply to the right on the Art Loeb. In about … Continue reading Cedar Rock Summit

Chimney Rock State Park

Trails Four Seasons Trail: 1.54 Miles Round TripWoodland Trail from lower parking lot to main parking lot – Elevation Gain: 354′ Hickory Nut Falls Trail: 2.06 Miles Round TripBranches off Four Seasons Trail to bottom of 400′ waterfall – Elevation Gain: 417′ Visitor’s Parking Lot to Exclamation Point: 1.1 Miles RT – Elevation Gain: 558′ Skyline Trail: 2.0 Miles … Continue reading Chimney Rock State Park

College “M”

The College “M” trail is a short but steep hike almost within the city limits of Bozeman. It starts at the nose of the Bridger Mountains. It climbs up the first peak to an area where Montana State University students have constructed a large “M” that can be seen for miles. The view of Bozeman … Continue reading College “M”

Coon Tree Loop

Phil and I have been driving by the Coon Tree Picnic area on Hwy 276 for over 40 years! It is only this year (2013) that we have become interested in hiking around this area. The Coon Tree Picnic area has a nice safe parking lot next to bathrooms with flushing toilets. It is a … Continue reading Coon Tree Loop

Daniel Ridge Loop

Daniel Ridge Loop

This trail is easy to get to in winter months when the parkway is closed. The trail begins on a gravel road for the first .1 mile, crossing a new “bridge to nowhere” then forks left at a carsonite sign. The trail follows the creek for the first half of the loop, passing waterfalls and … Continue reading Daniel Ridge Loop

Frying Pan Mountain Tower

The hike departs from a grassy parking area just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at MP 409.6, several miles south of Mt Pisgah. (Compared to other popular hikes on the Parkway, like Black Balsam Knob and the uber-popular Graveyard Fields waterfalls, the hike’s understated trailhead is easy to miss. Park off the Parkway and don’t … Continue reading Frying Pan Mountain Tower

Grassy Mtn via Skidway

Grassy Mountain, MT

Grassy Mountain is located near White Sulphur Springs, Montana just off Highway 12. There are several ways to hike to the top of Grassy Mountain. Homeowners access route from Mountainview Trail Turn right off Shindle Rd onto Mountainview Trail. Drive approx. 2 miles to the community access point. From this entrance, you will walk through … Continue reading Grassy Mountain, MT

MTS Trail to Green Knob

Green Knob Near Wagon Road Gap

The Mountains to the Sea Trail crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway several times. One of those spots is just south of Wagon Road Gap. We hike this little trail when we want something quick and easy to get to. It is accessible when the parkway is closed. The trail is less than 1/2 mile from … Continue reading Green Knob Near Wagon Road Gap

Jakes Creek – Cucumber Gap – Little River Trail

Leaving Gatlinburg and traveling south on Smoky Mtn. Parkway take a right at the ranger’s station. Drive a few miles and turn left into Elkmont. Follow the signs to Jake’s Creek Trail. We pieced together a loop that began on Jake’s Creek Trail intersecting Cucumber Gap Trail after only .7 mile. Turn left at the … Continue reading Jakes Creek – Cucumber Gap – Little River Trail

John Rock Loop

Park at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education and the State Fish Hatchery near Brevard. The John Rock trail can be accessed  from either direction from the parking lot. If you are hiking counter clockwise, you will take the Cat Gap Bypass and follow that until the John Rock trail intersects at the gap.  Turn … Continue reading John Rock Loop

Jump Off via Newfound Gap

Description taken from the High in the Smokys website. The hike to the Jump Off begins from the Newfound Gap parking area. Hikers will travel eastbound along the Appalachian Trail to reach this rock outcropping. The steady climb over the course of the first two miles of this hike will quickly leave the crowds behind … Continue reading Jump Off via Newfound Gap

Little Sam Knob – Flat Laurel Creek Loop

Park where the Mountains to the Sea Trail intersects Hwy 215 north of the Blueridge Parkway and hike east on the Mountains to the Sea Trail. Hike a little over 2 miles and fork left on Little Sam Knob trail. Hike for approximately 1.5 miles to the intersection of the Flat Laurel Creek Trail and … Continue reading Little Sam Knob – Flat Laurel Creek Loop

Middle Prong Wilderness Loop

We park at the Rough Butt Bald parking lot on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Howard Gap. On the north side of the parkway, travel east on the Mountains to the Sea Trail to the intersection of Buckeye Gap Trail. Turn left onto Buckeye Gap Trail. The Buckeye Gap Trail has recently seen serious maintenance … Continue reading Middle Prong Wilderness Loop

Mountains to the Sea

Interactive Map of Mountains to the Sea Trail Although the trail is still incomplete, the Mountains to the Sea Trail is North Carolina’s longest trail. When completed, it will be over 900 miles long. Starting at Clingman’s Dome (the highest point in Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park). It travels over Mount Mitchell (the … Continue reading Mountains to the Sea

MP 420 Maintenance Trail

Near MP 420 on the Blue Ridge Parkway across from the Black Balsam Road entrance, there is a short little maintenance trail that runs parallel to the road. The trail is easy and has a really nice spot 5 minutes from the car to sit on the rocks and have a picnic. The views are … Continue reading MP 420 Maintenance Trail

Mt. Cammerer

Mt. Cammerer is also known as Sharp Top or White Top. The Appalachian Trail traverses it’s south slope and is part of the Smoky Mountain National Park system. Elevation 4928′.  Parking Lot Elevation: 2250′ Low Gap Trail: 2.9 miles One Way We began our trek up Mt. Cammerer at the Cosby, TN Campground in the Hiker’s Parking Lot … Continue reading Mt. Cammerer

Mt Hardy

Mt. Hardy

Park in the pull off on the west side of highway 215, 0.45 mile north of the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is room here for a half dozen or more cars. A trail heads into the greenery right from this lot, but do not take this trail. Get back onto the highway, and walk about … Continue reading Mt. Hardy

Mt. LeConte Lodge to Myrtle Point

Many LeConte visitors get up early and walk out to Myrtle Point to see the sunrise.  It really is spectacular and well worth seeing. Walk up the steps from the Lodge to the trail and turn left.  Follow the trail past the shelter.  Make sure you bear right at the Boulevard trail junction. Follow the … Continue reading Mt. LeConte Lodge to Myrtle Point

Mt. LeConte, TN

Mt. LeConte via Alum Cave Trail

In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park The Alum Cave Trail (also referred to as Alum Cave Bluff Trail) is an American hiking trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in Sevier County, Tennessee. The trail ascends Mount Le Conte, the “tallest” (and sixth highest) mountain east of the Mississippi River and passes by … Continue reading Mt. LeConte via Alum Cave Trail

Mt. LeConte Via Rainbow Falls

Starting from Light 8 in Gatlinburg, turn onto Historic Nature Trail / Airport Road. After driving 0.7 miles veer right onto Cherokee Orchard Road, upon which you’ll enter into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. After driving another 2.2 miles you’ll enter the one-way Cherokee Orchard Loop Road. After driving roughly 0.6 miles on the loop, … Continue reading Mt. LeConte Via Rainbow Falls

Mt. LeConte via The Boulevard

Trail Facts The Boulevard Trail is longest route to the summit of Mount Le Conte (elev. 6,593 ft (2,010 m); 2,010 m) The path follows the Appalachian Trail for 2.7 miles (4.3 km), between Newfound Gap and Charlie’s Bunion Never during the hike does the trail dip below 5,000 feet (1,500 m) The trailhead is located at Newfound Gap, off U.S. Highway 441 (Newfound Gap … Continue reading Mt. LeConte via The Boulevard

Mt. Pisgah Trailhead

Mt. Pisgah

On the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Mt. Pisgah Trailhead is located near mile marker 408 on the Blue Ridge Parkway (National Park). It is heavily traveled. Park in the second parking lot, the first is for Buck Spring’s Trail. This trail continues onto National Forest land to climb to the summit of one of … Continue reading Mt. Pisgah

North 40

The North 40 perimeter loop circles our house on Mountain View Trail. One time around the perimeter is 1.1 miles and climbs down and out of 2 deep draws. The mid point roadside elevation is approximately 6510′. North Property 40 Loop Distance: 1.3 Mile Loop Elevation Change: 230′ Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous Mountainview Trail Upper Property … Continue reading North 40

Old Butt Knob – Shining Creek Trail Loop

8.5 Mile Loop with 2890′ Elevation Gain Make no mistake. This is a hard hike either way you do it. We hiked this loop counter-clockwise so we could get most of the elevation gain done in the beginning of the hike. We parked at the trailhead and walked in .7 miles to the junction and … Continue reading Old Butt Knob – Shining Creek Trail Loop

Bennet Gap - Perry Cove Loop

Perry Cove – Bennett Gap Loop

Bennet Gap Trail is accessed off Avery Creek Road near Brevard. The trail ascends 1135 feet to the gap. We climbed clockwise to the gap to the junction of Perry Cove Trail. Perry Cove Trail descends rapidly back to the road. The first 1/2 mile or so ascends to the ridge top and the majority of … Continue reading Perry Cove – Bennett Gap Loop

Pilot Rock

This hike, we pieced together from the Pisgah Inn Parking Lot to the bottom of Pilot Rock. Beginning along the Mountains to the Sea Trail, turn south and go over Little Bald Mountain following the trail down around Pilot Rock. It is steep going down, so expect to get tired coming back up. Some of … Continue reading Pilot Rock

Pinnacle Mountain Trail

This trail is a fairly strenuous 3.3 miles (one way) trail. Before starting, you should register at the Nature Center. The Pinnacle Mountain Trail begins at the Nature Center. You will take the Carrick Creek Trail to the left when you get to the sign for Carrick Creek and Table Rock trails. You will follow … Continue reading Pinnacle Mountain Trail


Around 1890, the Shut-In trail was created by George W. Vanderbilt to link his Biltmore home with his hunting and outdoor lodge at Buck Springs (Near the current Pisgah Inn). While many think of this trail as following the Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s actually the other way around, since the parkway wasn’t built until the … Continue reading PISGAH PARKING LOT TO ELK PASTURE GAP (MTS)

Porters Creek

Porter’s Creek

Turn right on Greenbriar Road at Park Entrance sign off US Hwy 321 5.9 miles east of Gatlinburg. Continue on Greenbriar Road 4.1 miles to end of loop. Look for trail and trail marker. PORTERS CREEK TRAIL The gravel roadbed ascends to the historic site, John Messer’s Barn built in 1875. The barn is located just off … Continue reading Porter’s Creek

Pressley Cove Trail to Pressley Gap

Pressley Cove Trail is accessed from Avery Creek Road (Forest Service Road #477). Beginning at 2325 ft. of elevation, the trail climbs steeply for 1.1 miles ( 968 ft. elevation gain) to Forest Service Rd #5022. Turn right onto the road and walk for .2 miles to Pressley Gap, elevation 3328 ft. Some of our Pressley … Continue reading Pressley Cove Trail to Pressley Gap

Rumbling Bald

The Rumbling Bald trail in Hickory Nut Gorge isn’t quite finished yet. At present, it is developed for the first mile with a wide gravel trail through the woods. The rest of the loop is there, so we walked it all the way around, but it is a little rough and muddy in some areas. Some … Continue reading Rumbling Bald

Sacajawea Peak

A Personally Challenging Hike From Bozeman, MT take Highway 86 N toward Bridger Canyon.  Drive approximately 20 miles and take Fairy Lake Road on the left.  The trailhead is approximately 7 miles. Be advised that Fairy Lake Road is rutted out badly. You will need a vehicle with a lot of clearance and 4WD is … Continue reading Sacajawea Peak

Sam Knob

Sam’s Knob

Directions From Asheville, follow the Blue Ridge Parkway south for 26.5 miles past the NC 191 Parkway access. Turn right on FR 816 (Black Balsam Road) just past milepost 420; a sign reads “Black Balsam”. Follow this road to the end at the parking area. The parking lot gets crowded quickly on weekends, so plan … Continue reading Sam’s Knob

Shut-In Trail

Around 1890, the Shut-In trail was created by George W. Vanderbilt to link his Biltmore home with his hunting and outdoor lodge at Buck Springs (Near the current Pisgah Inn). While many think of this trail as following the Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s actually the other way around, since the parkway wasn’t built until the … Continue reading Shut-In Trail

Sluice Boxes State Park

Sluice Boxes State Park is located at 38 Evans Riceville Rd., Belt, MT — Latitude/Longitude: (47.212 / -110.935). The 7.5 mile trail begins at Riceville bridge and hikes along soaring cliffs and precipitous ledges.  Remains of mines, a railroad, and historic cabins line Belt Creek as it makes its way through the canyon carved in limestone. We drove to … Continue reading Sluice Boxes State Park

Stony Bald Overlook to Elk Pasture Gap

This segment of the Mountain to the Sea Trail is fairly easy walk in the woods. This particular day, there were more trillium blooming than I’ve ever seen on a trail. It took longer because I kept stopping to take pictures. Some of our MTS from Stony Bald Hikes:

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park

Table Rock State Park has an extensive trail system and is the access point to the Foothills Trail. The trails are as follows (not round trip): Nature Center – beginning – elevation 1160′ Carrick Creek Loop – 1.9 Miles – Mill Creek Pass – .6 Mile Pinnacle Mountain Trail – 4.1 Miles – elevation 3425′ … Continue reading Table Rock State Park

Thomas Divide Trail to Kanati Fork Junction

The Thomas Divide trailhead is near the NC/TN border on the Smoky Mountains Parkway. It is a gentle trail that runs the ridge from the parkway out to Kanati Fork Junction. The elevation change is gradual and the hike is relatively short. This is a great little hike for small children and newbies. Some of … Continue reading Thomas Divide Trail to Kanati Fork Junction

Trombotore Trail

Trombatore Trail

Trailhead Parking: Take Hwy 64 east from 1-26 in Hendersonville, NC. About 2 1/2 miles past I-26, turn left on Fruitland Rd. Next, turn left on Old Clear Creek Rd go only a few hundred yards and turn right on Bearwallow Mountain Rd. Follow Bearwallow Mountain Road and after a few miles, you will have to … Continue reading Trombatore Trail