This is a few interesting places I’ve experienced.

Big Sky Montana

Big Sky 2017

We took a few days and flew to Montana to ski Big Sky to celebrate my 60th birthday. Big Sky Ski Resort has had a lot of snow year and their base was in the neighborhood of 8 feet. As it happened, the weather gave us a bit of a warm up while we were there. … Continue reading Big Sky 2017

Big Sky Late Spring

On a recent visit, we drove up to the Big Sky Resort. The large snowpack is hanging around, it would appear. The sun is bright and warm.  

Christmas with Daddy

February Trip

Freedom Trail

During a recent babysitting trip to Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to walk “The Freedom Trail.” This walk is 2.5 miles long beginning at Boston Commons and ending at Bunker Hill. It is the Cradle of Liberty … the birthplace of American Independence. It was awesome. Although the history of the United States is relatively … Continue reading Freedom Trail



It was time for our yearly anniversary trip to Gatlinburg. The drive to Gatlinburg on Friday was difficult. It was 27 degrees when we left our house with freezing rain. It drizzled freezing rain the entire way. Thankfully, Interstate 40 had been pre-treated so the icy spots were minimal. We had good light all the … Continue reading Gatlinburg

Icy Waterfall

Gatlinburg 2014

Every year, Phil and I celebrate our anniversary in Gatlinburg, TN. We aren’t really big fans of the tacky little shops, but we do enjoy being close to great hiking trails and good food. Since we had gone there on our honeymoon years earlier, we like the nostalgia of going every year. We got to … Continue reading Gatlinburg 2014

Memorial Day at White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs, Montana is a small town with a  population of approximately 960 people as of 2012. The town’s well tended cemetery is located just a block from Main Street. We were in town over the Memorial Day weekend and were humbled by what we saw there. Several hundred flag topped crosses lined the … Continue reading Memorial Day at White Sulphur Springs

Near Livingston, MT

Just a neat little building that had been cleaned up and re-stained.  It was just sitting there all lonely on the backside of the Bridger Mountains near Livingston, MT. There are many old churches and schoolhouses like this one scattered through the west. Over the past 15 years, it appears that many of them have … Continue reading Near Livingston, MT

Mule Deer

North Forty, September 2015

Annual September trip to the North Forty. Phil managed to get enough vacation days to string together 9 days. It was Phil’s first extended visit since the house was finished last year. The 2 sofas had been delivered after my last visit out, so we had a nice comfy place to sit. It was a … Continue reading North Forty, September 2015

PGA 2012

Phil and I enjoyed attending the PGA Championship in Kiawah Island, SC. We got to see most of the high profile players. The crowd surrounding Tiger was a bit overbearing. The band of groupies swooped in on us on the 16th hole as they followed him from hole to hole. Sitting on the 16th fairway, … Continue reading PGA 2012

Roadtrip 2017 – Al’s Oasis

Oacoma, South Dakota – Al’s Oasis Al’s Oasis is located in Oacoma, SD.

Crazy Horse

Roadtrip 2017 – Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Memorial

Mt Rushmore

Roadtrip 2017 Mt. Rushmore

Jake and his family wanted to visit the North 40 and in order to make the money work, I drove out with the grandkids and Ash. We drove to Columbia, MO the first day, Oacoma, SD the second day, and had a relatively short drive on the 3rd day to Keystone, SD. We spent the … Continue reading Roadtrip 2017 Mt. Rushmore

Buck's T-4

Valentine’s Dinner 2017

While in Big Sky, we reserved a table at Buck’s T-4 Ranch for our Valentine’s dinner. It was awesome, as always. Phil seems to never order anything except Bison tenderloin and he did not disappoint. He ordered Bison tenderloin. 🙂 I, however, stepped out and ordered a wild game pot pie with rabbit and pheasant. … Continue reading Valentine’s Dinner 2017

Western Storms

This picture was taken from 7th Avenue in Bozeman, MT looking toward the Bridger Mountain Range.