Trees and Flowering Trees

Spring in the south brings a dazzling display of blooms. The flowering / ornamental trees give a dramatic flair to any landscape. Corporations and residences use ornamental flowering trees in their landscapes. Several indigenous species grow wild in the forests and along our mountain trails.

I hope to be able to catalog a few of them here.  Bear in mind that I need to be out with a camera ready when I spot the blooms.

Eastern Redbud

Redbud. Glorious purple-pink blossoms brighten early spring in many North American forests. Available in a range of graceful forms, redbud is adaptable to a wide spectrum of garden climates — in California it performs more dramatically than the native California redbud. Botanical name:Cercis canadensisCommon name: Eastern redbudUSDA zones: 4 to 9Size: Up to 30 feet tall; compact varieties are … Continue reading Eastern Redbud


Table Mountain Pine

Table Mountain Pine

Table Mountain pine, Pinus pungens, also called hickory pine, prickly pine,[1] or mountain pine, is a small pine native to the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. Pinus pungens is a tree of modest size (6–12 m), and has a rounded, irregular shape. The needles are in bundles of two, occasionally three, yellow-green to mid … Continue reading Table Mountain Pine