We Have Water

We got a call from the builder Sunday. Apparently, the well drillers had spent a few days drilling for water at the spot that Mr. Bandy (Dowser) had indicated that we would find water. The drillers drilled 400 feet and only found 2 gal/minute.

That flow isn’t enough. The builder made the call to go another 100 feet. At 500 feet, they measured 3 gal/minute. At this point, we got the call. A decision had to be made. We had the option to drill further or bury a holding tank and add another tank pump to the system.

Phil told them to drill another 100 feet and luckily, it worked. We have 5 gal/minute at 600 feet. The dowser was right! We had to go deeper than 500 feet to get enough flow for household use. Yay for the home team!

This was our last unknown expense. If we stay within budget for the rest of the building process, we shouldn’t have any more financial surprises.